Which Career has More Money Fashion Designing or Teaching?

There are so many Career options are available nowadays, but today I'll talk about Fashion designing and Teaching. We'll know which has more money. 

Fashion Design and Teaching both are hot career options in India 2021 after the COVID-19 pandemic. You must understand one thing if you are not creative, you should not join Fashion Design and if you don't like to talk then teaching is not for you.

Now I'll try to explain to you which is better for you one by one, so you can choose the best career option for you. 

Fashion Design Career

Fashion Design Career

In fashion design, you can work as a Fashion designer, Stylist, Fashion Illustrator, Costume designer, etc. You can earn 20k to 300k Indian rupees per month in a job and if you start your business like a clothing store or design studio then there is no limit. 

Teaching Career

Teaching Career

If you choose Teaching as your career then you can earn 5k to 100k Indian rupees per month in Job. There are business opportunities in Teaching also, you can start your own Institute, hobby classes, or coaching center. If you start your business in teaching, you can earn money according to your talent. 

So again, the question comes in mind "Which Career has More Money Fashion Designing or Teaching?". It totally depends on what do you want to do, both career options are equally good. 


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