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8 Timeless Blouse Sleeves Design Patterns for Indian Saree 2021

  Blouse Sleeves Designs Patterns for Indian Saree 2021 Blouse Sleeves Designs Patterns : We will talk about  8 timeless Saree Blouse Sleeves Designs Patterns  Today. Indian women are always fascinated by Indian wear specially sarees and lehengas. The grace of a saree or a lehenga is highlighted by the blouse. Blouses can be made in different designs and sleeve lengths. The sleeve length is chosen according to the figure of the girl and the design of the saree. When we talk about blouse designs, both sophisticated, as well as cut ones, are gorgeous. Here, let us throw some light on the always trending and timeless  blouse sleeve designs . 8 Blouse Sleeves Designs ideas guide 2021 Full Sleeves Blouse Designs Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse Designs Half Sleeves Blouse Designs Quarter Sleeves Blouse Designs Sleeveless Blouse Designs Off-shoulder Blouse Designs The Cape Blouse with Sleeves Strappy affair 1. Full Sleeves Blouse Designs Full Sleeves Blouse Designs : Long sleeve designs are the t

Smokey Eyes Makeup for Indian Girls & Women- Bridal Tips! 2021

How to Get Smokey Eyes on your Special Day – Bridal Makeup Tips! Smokey Eyes Makeup : Believe it or not, eyes are the most beautiful part of our face! And there are so many ways to actually accentuate it! But it is also the most tricky part. All Indian girls and women love smokey eyes right? You shouldn’t ever, overdo your eye makeup! Smokey Eyes makeup trend started in 2021! And has been a craze totally! You can go subtle with the smokey eyes and also go really bold with the smoke effect! It’s easy, but you just need to learn the basics and know your boundaries. A smokey eye doesn’t mean you go on applying layers of eye shadow, eventually making you look like a panda! Don’t worry, however tricky it might be, we’ll tell you how to do 'smokey eyes makeup‘. Read on to learn How to Get Smokey Eyes on your Special Day! For small eyes Now, smokey eye makeup for small eyes is a little tricky. You should always line the eyes from below. Choose a light shade near the nose and just get goin