Smokey Eyes Makeup for Indian Girls & Women- Bridal Tips! 2021

Smokey Eyes Makeup for Indian Girls & Women- Bridal Tips! 2021

How to Get Smokey Eyes on your Special Day – Bridal Makeup Tips!

Smokey Eyes Makeup: Believe it or not, eyes are the most beautiful part of our face! And there are so many ways to actually accentuate it! But it is also the most tricky part. All Indian girls and women love smokey eyes right?

You shouldn’t ever, overdo your eye makeup! Smokey Eyes makeup trend started in 2021! And has been a craze totally! You can go subtle with the smokey eyes and also go really bold with the smoke effect! It’s easy, but you just need to learn the basics and know your boundaries. A smokey eye doesn’t mean you go on applying layers of eye shadow, eventually making you look like a panda! Don’t worry, however tricky it might be, we’ll tell you how to do 'smokey eyes makeup‘. Read on to learn How to Get Smokey Eyes on your Special Day!

For small eyes

Now, smokey eye makeup for small eyes is a little tricky. You should always line the eyes from below. Choose a light shade near the nose and just get going darker as you move towards the outer eye area. Keep the liner bolder on the outer side. For the top of the lids, take a brush and lightly dab a darker shade. Apply a little bit of eye shadow towards the outer end of your eye.

Finish it off with a little shimmer. Remember, not to over apply the darker shade of eye shadow, below the eyes. Top it off with heavy-handed mascara to give your eyes a bigger and more prominent look! Taylor Swift is one such celeb, who rocks The Black Smokey Eyes makeup trend! Refer to the images below for a better understanding of how to do smokey eyes! Back in India, this girl has smaller eyes, she sticks to metallic eye shadows for a smoke effect!

For blessed people with bigger eyes

It’s actually easy and simple to do the smokey eye makeup for bigger eyes. Choose bold darker shades for the smokey make-up. The steps are similar :

  1. Apply a light base or a primer.
  2. Now apply a darker shade on the front part of your eye.
  3. Apply another shade near the crease.
  4. Blend the shades and add a dash of mascara to the lashes.
  5. Finish it off it a silver shadow near the brows.

Colored Smokey eyes

From metallic eyes to Gothic Smokey Eyes Makeup, color plays a very important role in deciding your eye make-up for the special day! It is always a good decision to choose the lesser dominant color of your outfit, but then sometimes even the dominant color makes your eyes look dreamy! Blue and gold are always the safest options to choose from!

Smokey cat eye makeup

Cat-eye, Smokey Eyes Makeup for Indian Girls & Women,

Cat-eye, Smokey Eyes Makeup for Indian Girls & Women,

This one’s easy. Remember that you have to give a drag to your eyeliner a bit more. Once a thick line of the liner is applied to your eyes, you just have to play along and keep applying a darker eye shadow around the liner. Steps to get the perfect smokey cat eye :

  1. Apply a light-colored shadow on the entire lid as a base. 
  2. Then apply a medium smoky color along the lower lash and on the center of the lid. Keep blending from the lash line to the crease.
  3. Apply a gel-based eyeliner, for a smooth stroke and give it drag for the cat-eye effect!
  4. Start smudging along the line where the shadow meets the liner. Remember to make it look smooth.
  5. Add two to three layers of mascara to your lashes.
  6. Dust some silver or white shadow along the lower lash. And you are done


I hope this helps you, girls, to decide on how to make your eyes look even better and brighter on those special days of your lives! Remember to always take off every ounce of make-up before you hit the bed! Till then keep practicing!

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